Small & Tiny Houses – Activities Sponsored by LWES

Small & Tiny Houses – Activities Sponsored by LWES
The small house movement is a growing niche in the housing market. Some people are interested in small houses because they can’t afford a large house, choose not to put a lot of time and resources into a house or prefer to build a house without borrowing money. Others feel they have a strong obligation to reduce their environmental footprint and live more modestly.


Because we are interested in promoting ways of living that use fewer resources, benefit the environment, and provide green job & life skills for young people, in 2017 & 2018 Living Well Earth Stewards provided financial sponsorship to Chatham County high school carpentry students to allow them to build (2) 450 sq. ft. houses. The houses featured advanced framing, energy star construction, universal design and high indoor air quality. We also provided construction expertise and advice to another high school carpentry class to allow them to build a small house.

A long term goal of LWES is the creation of a Small House Institute, giving us a place to locate information about small houses, facilitate networking opportunities, offer affordable workshops and events to promote small houses, build and demonstrate small houses, provide plans and information on building small houses, and encourage creative design and research into small houses and neighborhoods of small houses.

To this end LWES held two small & tiny house convergences in 2015 & 2017 in which demonstrations and workshops were dedicated to sharing knowledge and skills needed to build small homes. From compressed earth block construction, to timber framing, from financing to sharing insight into small house living the convergences were designed to give attendees a breadth of knowledge as they considered their own plans for living small.

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