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The small house movement is a growing niche in the housing market.

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LWES is a catalyst to provide advice and encouragement
to those who seek the mutual support of community and 
desire to live cooperatively, sustainably and harmoniously.
LWES educates and models the creation of a healthy, 
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 Fresh, high quality vegetables and fruit. Local food is usually sold to the consumer within hours of being picked. In contrast the average vegetable in the grocery store is 5-7 days old, sometime as much as two weeks old, before the consumer buys it.
More nutritious than what you can get at a grocery store. Why? The average fruit or vegetable at a chain grocery store has traveled more than 3000 miles to get there. The sooner fresh vegetables and fruits are eaten after being picked the most nutrients that are preserved     (learn more….)

Fresh, high quality vegetables and fruit.

Local food is usually sold to the consumer within hours of being picked.

Grocery Store Produce 

Usually travels over 3000 Miles taking days to reach you the consumer!

Free Online Resources

Small, Round, and Solar

Jane Lawrence showed us a beautiful
example of sustainability with her
presentation, “Small, Round, and Solar:
​a Yurt in the Woods.”

Compressed Earth Block

Jeff Gannon of Dig Southeast demonstrated
how to make and build with Compressed
​Earth Blocks.

Legal and Zoning Issues

Harvey Harman presented to the group on legal
and zoning issues related to small houses. 
Many of the concepts that Harvey explained are
​summarized here.

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